Heat wave in the cities of the Balkan Peninsula

Photo: https://sofiaglobe.com/2019/08/13/third-day-of-code-orange-dangerous-weather-warning-for-bulgarias-blagoevgrad/

The cities of the Balkan Peninsula, in recent years, face unexpected high temperature events during the summer months, due to high solar radiation. Weather changes over the last decade are expected to intensify and their effects will be visible in terms of energy as well as public health issues. According to recent data, Athens, Sofia, Bucharest, Skopje and Tirana have already experienced temperatures that exceed 40oC. Belgrade, Pristina, Podgorica, as well as other southern cities, are gradually entering the group of high temperatures in South Balkans.

The energy that will be wasted for indoor cooling during the summer months, if no measures are taken, is expected to reach winter levels and therefore to double the citizens’ annual expenses for the purchase of electricity.

Governments should see the solutions offered to deal with the phenomenon in time, so that they do not adopt urgent and extreme last-minute solutions. It is necessary for local industry in each country to look for offered state-of-the-art technologies while the R&D departments will start collaboration with research organizations and universities in order to carry out a beneficial exchange of know-how. Citizens will be looking for solutions that will reduce energy costs and purchase products for coating and protection of surfaces from sunlight radiation.

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