Utilization in cement and cementitious matrices The demand for environmentally friendly construction materials throughout the world is increasing, as the world is facing a serious problem due to environmental degradation. Traditional cement manufacturing consumes a large quantity of energy and emits high amounts of carbon dioxide due to calcination of limestone and combustion of fossil […]

Report on a World Health Organization meeting Bratislava, Slovakia 09–10 February 2004 Heat-waves were associated with an increase in all causes of death, not just heat stroke. In France, an excess of mortality was observed for all causes of deaths. The highest increases were observed for causes directly linked to the heat-wave, such as Hyperthermia […]

Photo: https://sofiaglobe.com/2019/08/13/third-day-of-code-orange-dangerous-weather-warning-for-bulgarias-blagoevgrad/ The cities of the Balkan Peninsula, in recent years, face unexpected high temperature events during the summer months, due to high solar radiation. Weather changes over the last decade are expected to intensify and their effects will be visible in terms of energy as well as public health issues. According to recent data, […]

Syntactic foams are complex compounds produced by the incorporation of hollow spherical particles into a polymeric or ceramic matrix. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) states that synthetic foams have a resin matrix. The properties of synthetic foam can be largely determined by changing some parameters during their production such as the material […]

Fig. SEM micrograph of broken cenosphere showing its hollow characteristics and porous walls. Noise is becoming an increasingly significant concern because of its adverse effects on the lives many people in urban societies and in rural areas. Noise arising from different sources such as vehicles, aircrafts, power plants and machinery is not only uncomfortable but […]

The foamy particle with thermal and sound insulation properties. ‘’Stiklo” granular glass is an innovative, ecologically valuable material from recycled glass. This organic spheroid porous composition is produced when the recycled glass is ground, mixed with impregnating agents and melted at an extremely high temperature. Expanded glass features: Low coefficient of thermal conductivity. Fire resistance. […]

The GGBS material (granulated fly ash) is obtained by quenching molten iron slag (a by-product of iron and steel-making) from a blast furnace in water or steam. The final material is the granulated slag (GGBS) that comes from the boiler extinguishing while for the grinding process a granulator is used. General description GGBS material is a high whiteness […]

General description The Hollow Microspheres are inert, hollow particles made mainly of silicon, alumina and boron-silicate soda lime, which inside their core contain inert gas (e.g. nitrogen) or carbon dioxide. They are the ideal lightweight fillers as they provide the lowest surface-to-volume ratio of any size. This fact results in the need for less resin […]

International researches warn that excessive carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere will, in the long run, degrade the quality of life on the planet. The production of cement, the most important structural material in the modern era, contributes to the burden of the atmosphere since, during its synthesis, it produces from 500-900kg CO2 for each ton […]